Urban IT Governance                                                                                                                                                              

Research on urban governance has developed into a mature academic field in many disciplines including Information Systems (IS). However, there has been little focus in research on how IT governance (ITG) should be implemented in complex urban scenarios where there are multiple IT-dependent strategic initiatives all vying for attention simultaneously. In these scenarios city authorities are expected to coordinate the choice, the co-creation, and the value delivery of multiple IT-enabled services while continuing to deliver on their traditional expertise – a classic ITG issue. To understand how ITG is being implemented in complex scenarios, three ‘smart city’ case studies are explored and described. These are examples of municipalities implementing a structure in order to effect a change, i.e. advancing a smart agenda. As a change agent these smart city functions are, in effect, a dynamic capability catalyst designed to enable city authorities to effectively sense the technology environment, seize opportunities, and transform the municipality. A critique of the cases from a dynamic capability perspective and management guidelines are presented.

Researchers: Dr Niall Connolly, Dr Giovanni Maccani