Shaping digital technology through a focus on understanding the human centred context and related theoretical perspectives that help realise technology adoption and sustained use.

Sociotechnical research is premised on the interwoven relationship of any technological object with the social rules, norms and practices etc. that co-constitute its development, purpose(s) and use(s). Recent times has seen unparalleled digital transformation across every sector of western-society, where advanced digital technologies increasingly mediate and permeate human practices from communicating, working, commuting, to interacting with government etc. These rapid changes have resulted in profound challenges for achieving ethical, sustainable and scalable technological solutions, with an emphasis on open innovation, co-creation and real world experimentation in technology development better acknowledging the sociotechnical perspective of embedded technology in a more complex world of situated actions. This research stream focuses on socio-technical theoretical insight and related human centred empirical research with which to understand the development and adoption of emerging disruptive digital technologies from Internet of Things, robotics to Autonomous Vehicles etc.




Technical Citizenry and Smart Bikeshare

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