Smart District Development                                                                                                                                                   

This research project, conducted in partnership with Dr. Liam Heaphy (Programmable City Project) investigated stakeholder perspectives on developing a Smart District in the Dublin Docklands, discerning the primary success factors and the perceived barriers to collaboration. The case study primarily builds on 32 stakeholder interviews with representatives of resident multinationals, local government and local communities, infrastructure providers, start-up incubators, local enterprise and urban planners. Our main contributions emerged from a stakeholder ecosystem map for the Smart District delineating the central role of the city council as the driving force and mediator between different interests, and the shifts in focus that result from two alternate visions of the Dublin Docklands: a ‘Silicon Docks’ narrative or a ‘Dublin Docklands’ place-making narrative. The research fed into the URBACT Smart Impact report on Smart Dublin, and informed Dublin’s efforts to create and sustain smart district partnerships and culminated in conference papers and a chapter in Creating Smart Cities volume published by Routledge.

Researchers: Dr Giovanni Maccani, Ms Réka Pétercsák, Dr Hadi Karimikia