Smart CCTV for Community Safety

The aim of this PhD study is to develop a boundary spanning framework for local authorities involved in Smart City projects. The findings emerge from a case study focusing on the development of a Smart CCTV scheme for community safety with the participation of more than 40 different organizations and departments. Local authorities, as focal points for Smart City projects, need to work with a variety of stakeholders across organizational and departmental boundaries, but there is a twofold difficulty in nurturing long and medium-term stakeholder engagement. First, in Smart City projects stakeholders face situations where their expertise is not fully applicable to the problem at hand (Akkerman & Bakker, 2011) which may lead to frustration and fatigue. Second, this work is carried out, often voluntarily, by equally powerful actors whose long-term commitment is problematic to ensure. This PhD research investigates those activities that induce common action and follow through culminating in a boundary spanning framework supporting multi-stakeholder work.

Researcher: Ms Réka Pétercsák