This project is in collaboration with a large multinational IT company. Drawing from their vast amount of tacit knowledge on manufacturing environments, they have a range of high fidelity, power efficient Integrated Circuits (ICs) that are found in many of the instruments and control systems in manufacturing plants. Over the years, these ICs have been sold by a very strong distribution network comprising of direct and indirect channels. Lately, they have been exploring new solutions such as Predictive Maintenance (PdM) (leveraging IoT) combined with new service orientated BMs. The researchers at Technology Adoption Group have been investigating related research questions connected to this transition such as – How to design service offerings for the Predictive Maintenance service? How and where to open the platform, the level of openness, interfaces for opening the platform? How does an established organization innovate its business model, which is still contributing revenues, but may not be sustainable in long term?

Researchers: Dr Abhinay Puvvala, Dr Shane McLoughlin, Dr Niall Connolly, Dr Giovanni Maccani