Challenges for 5G Roll-out in Ireland

The promise of 5G, driven by extremely fast data, will continue to enable new over-the-top services that will further disrupt the existing equilibrium in the industry. Whilst technological characteristics primarily influence the new industry equilibrium, various contextual factors, industry dynamics, relative bargaining power of various actors will play key roles in the manifestation of 5G services, notwithstanding the extremely high capital costs.

The study is to identify the challenges associated with the roll-out of 5G and is being done on behalf of CONNECT, an SFI research centre.

We deploy a Delphi study to iteratively build consensus amongst various stakeholders such as Regulators / Government, Infrastructure providers, Mobile service providers, Virtual mobile service providers, Technology providers, Application domains – VR, AI, video analytics, connected car, drones, agri-tech, IoT.

Researchers: Prof Ronan Farrell and Prof Brian Donnellan (Principal Investigators), Dr Abhinay Puvvala, Dr Niall Connolly, Dr Shane McLoughlin and Dr Giovanni Maccani