Business Models and Service Innovation                                                                                               

The convergence of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, popularly known as SMAC, is further enabling a fundamental shift in how companies do business. In a climate of shorter product/service lifecycles, digital transformation and increasingly complex business environments, IS innovation unlocks new opportunities for innovative activity from solutions being offered through to how companies do business, i.e. business model (BM) innovation. A sub-trend in Business Model Innovation is the Servitization of businesses. Servitization, the reconfiguration from product centric business models to service centric business models, alters customer relationships through to production, operations and management etc. Servitization’s customer centric approach is particularly suited to benefit from technological advances. The Technology Adoption Group is uniquely positioned to be the first-hand witness of these trends in the industry and understand them with the scientific rigor of academia.


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