The focus for Maynooth University’s research in technology adoption is to understand and accelerate the adoption of core technology research from SFI centres into Irish industry and public service organisations. We are conscious that the rate of adoption of technology into sustainable products or services is significantly low. Part of the reason for this is that the theoretical lens from which we viewed technology adoption has changed little since the 1990s. We now know that adoption is dependent on a multi-faceted array of ethical, socio-technical, organisational, market, strategic and economical characteristics. These include:

  • Ethical design and operations;
  • Human- technology interaction;
  • Organisational dynamic capability of sensing, seizing and transforming technology;
  • Economic viability;
  • Strategic intent

These characteristics are interdependent. Most significantly, organisational characteristics, as antecedents, influence our interpretation of the market and our attitude to change and adopt. Similarly, organisational culture will influence the level of user co-creation and attitude to risk will influence the approach to technology experimentation. The Maynooth University Technology Adoption Group’s research is designed to understand the complex interplay between these characteristics as it impacts on technology.